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This community has spawned from the community phanwank. Personally I think that the Les Miserables fandom is wanky enough for it's own wank community. Basically you post anything that qualifies as wanky such as (but not limited to) fandom arguments, Cosette bashing, Eppie-Bopper posts, squealing Les Amis fangirls, badfic, and all that jazz.

1. No whining, if you happen to get wanked then boo-fucking-hoo.
2. Don't post a complete fanfic when MSTing. I don't want this thing to get deleted.
3. If you start wank on the community, and someone else finishes the wank, do not whine to the mods about it. We'll just point and laugh at you.
4. Post pics, manips, and other stuff like that. It will make things more lively around here.
5. Please do not screencap, copy and past, or gossip about any friends only posts on the community.